Saturday, 27 February 2010

Fleet Foxes - 'Mykonos'

The lovely Lewes Jillet put me on to this fantastic video for the Fleet Foxes' 'Mykonos'. Simple paper shapes have been animated with amazing energy that seems to tell a story that crosses landscapes - from deserts to forests, to seas, to a tumbling castle. The use of colour and lighting is vital here, (the animated parts being so simple) in creating depth and drama. It has made me think about how I plan to create my own landscapes, and how simple or complicated they will need to be. I imagine I won't come to the right conclusion until I've tried several different methods, but what works for one 'stage set' will have to work for them all, as there must be a continuity between the images.
P.S. Please excuse the crude images - i had to screen grab them from youtube and i couldn't get rid of the time bar at the bottom!

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