Friday, 16 April 2010

Final Images

In the end I completed 8 images, and they were the following:
1. The warped, evil mirror smashing over the earth
4. Gerda fleeing the garden once she becomes aware of how much time has passed, and her meeting the raven on the way
5. Gerda entering a castle through the back door, on the advice of the raven who tells her that kay must be the prince who lives there
6. Gerda waking the prince, only to realise that he is not Kay
7. Gerda being captured by the little robber maiden
9. Their meeting with the Lapland Woman, who tells them to go to the Finland Woman to seek help, and gives them a message on a peice of dried fish.
11. Gerda is taken to the Snow Queens' palace by the reindeer. She is attacked by the Snow Flakes who guard the palace, but is protected by Angels who appear when she repeats the Lord's Prayer.
12. Gerda finds kay in the huge ice hall of the palace and brings him back to himself.

Again, I thought it would be better to do 8 well rather than 12 badly, but i ended up missing out most of the illustrations I had planned to complete for the first part of the story, which prevented the two main characters being introduced in visual form. It was not a compromise that i wanted to make, but it also turned out not to be the worst of the situation. I hadn't been exactly hopeful that I would have the time to make a PDF and get a book printed, especially as I would have needed to consider what text to use, the layout of text and image and the size of the book, not to mention the need for a front cover; but considering how important it is for my work to be of a professional standard, what i produced was not nearly sufficient. I didn't consider how long each image would take me, and while I feel that 2 or 3 were really quite effective, the rest were either unsuccessful in terms of layout, over-painted or lacking in depth. It was a similar situation to the difficulty I had in progressing to 3D, in that i jumped ahead to painting without fully and carefully realising most of the drawings in detail. I was too impatient.

In short, my Final Images would have been greatly improved by being better considered and further developed from beginning to end - allowing the slow process of each stage (taking the photos that i used to draw from, experimenting with layout, drawing and finally, painting) to inform the next step.

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