Friday, 16 April 2010

A New Direction

As I explained below, I have decided to progress in a 2D manner from now on. Instead of creating 7 3D 'sets' i have planned to make 12 A3 watercolour illustrations depicting key moments in the text. They will be as follows:
1. The warped, evil mirror smashing over the earth
2. Kay and Gerda together, before Kay is struck by the shard of glass from the mirror
3. Gerda following the river to the flower garden in the first part of her serch for kay
4. Gerda fleeing the garden once she becomes aware of how much time has passed, and her meeting the raven on the way
5. Gerda entering a castle through the back door, on the advice of the raven who tells her that kay must be the prince who lives there
6. Gerda waking the prince, only to realise that he is not Kay
7. Gerda being captured by the little robber maiden
8. Gerda, having been set free, riding the reindeer north
9. Their meeting with the Lapland Woman, who tells them to go to the Finland Woman to seek help, and gives them a message on a peice of dried fish.
10. Their meeting with the Finland woman, who tells the reindeer that Gerda already has all the power she needs to save Kay
11. Gerda is taken to the Snow Queens' palace by the reindeer. She is attacked by the Snow Flakes who guard the palace, but is protected by Angels who appear when she repeats the Lord's Prayer.
12. Gerda finds kay in the huge ice hall of the palace and brings him back to himself.

I have been inspired by the work of P.J. Lynch, an irish illustrator who works in a fairly realist way, often on a large scale in watercolour, gouache and oil. His work is highly coloured and descriptive, realising the ambition I have always held to create a world that the viewer feels that they could simply 'fall into' and inhabit for the time that they read the story. He too has illustrated 'The Snow Queen':

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